review after 3 months with onetap.

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the cheat overall is pretty good. its way better than most of the cheats that i've used but its not perfect. i'll state these imperfections in the corresponding areas.

##legitbot - 7/10 - very good
i honestly dont play matchmaking that much. but i sometimes need the legitbot. the customization options are enough but i go blatant when i use it. i dont really know if the issue is on my side or the legitbot is not well enough. because of that i only use backtracking and it gets the job done. also the new legit antiaim is pretty good and working well but it sometimes flicks to the side and other players can see it too. so be careful when you use it.

##ragebot - 8/10 - amazing
the ragebot is literally amazing. the optimization is awesome and it is not that hard to config. but it lacks some customization options, for me at least. actually, im retarded and i change my playstyle very frequently. so i have to change my configs frequently too. and as i said that its not hard to config, i dont really mind changing my configs and i think its actually fun making configs.

##antiaim - 5/10 - good but not enough
i think the antiaims are not well enough for this cheat. i usually use the aa not to confuse the enemy aimbot but to hide my head lol. there are just too few customization options. the fakelag is good and strong enough but it just sometimes teleports me back. i dont know if its my lack of configuring skills or the cheat. but i generally like the antiaim and its well enough in most situations.

##visuals - 9.5/10 - yes
the visuals are the best visuals that ive ever seen. it has a lot of customization options and has some pretty cool features. they may not be unique but i dont mind that as it is pretty pleasant to my eye and has the style that i like.

##skins - 10/10 - its a skinchanger
there is not much to talk about. yes it had some issues but now it works perfectly with no issues at all. its easy to configure as well so yeah. and also id really like a feature that will autoload my skin config on injection. like i really dont mind pressing a button but it'd be cool.

##misc - 10/10 - yes
has pretty good and cool options and i have never faced an issue with it so far.

##config system - 9/10 - yes
it gets the job done. but the game freezes for a second when i save a config and this issue keeps happening until i disable windows defender. thats a bit annoying but not a big deal. and one more thing, a lot of people say that it needs lua system but i think the cheat is pretty good and well enough in its current state.

##support - 11/10 - omg
the support section is the best that ive ever seen. they usually reply within 1-5 mins. they are very friendly and helpful.

overall - 9/10 - yes
best cheat that ive ever used
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