OT review after some months

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Legitbot N/A
I personally do not legit all that much so i dont really have much opinion on this one thing i do know it could use is standalone RCS.
Ragebot 8/10
I really love using this cheat for HvH i think its the best cheat out for it rn and wouldnt recommend any other above, that being said there are still some issues such as sometimes it doesnt like certain jitter AA still, I was told baim if lethal is built in but im really not sure whether thats true or not as sometimes it shoots and misses when if its going for body it really shouldnt, i would also like the ability to be able to scale things like legs and pelvis and other things instead of it just being head/body, i would also like local tracers/some more detailed miss information i was told that its not going to happen but i think it would be useful especially if paired with scaling separate parts.
AA 8/10
It does the job pretty well and i have no real issues with it i just wish it was slightly more customizable and had more options.
Visuals 10/10
Theres visuals here for everyone ofc theres small things to be added but other than that i personally love the siiiiiiiiiiick visuals.
Misc/Skin changer 9/10
Theres everything here i could ever want but i have seen people asking for things such as a namestealer or some form of anti kick or anything like that and the skin changer is a skin changer idrk what to say about that it does in fact change skins.