opinion on new update

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it will be short

first of all ot in my opinion is and pretty much always been the best public option even with nl released the ot resolver is better same for the ragebot and it's more user friendly

for me the new updates are pretty good and it's definitely what we needed i've test the new fake lag on exploiting it's AWESOME

but because good things cannot be perfect

i feel like ot need to update the animations because i'm missing legs, arms and feet too much

and i would like to see a new menu aswell like the old one of otv2 or v3 or something more cleen like the nl menu

that's all i'm still enjoying playing with ot i will not switch to any other cheats provider and that's cool to see new updates we've missed that but i feel like with new animation and maybe a bit of prediction rework ot can be insane