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onetap.su review after 1.5 month.


So let's start by saying,
thank you coders, beta testers of onetap you guys did great job!
i've been using onetap with an pleasure, however my hvh story finally ends as of this month, quiting hvh, so won't be playing it anymore,
unless onetap add's more into legit bot i prolly won't be resubing (no hate tho)

Legitbot - 7-10 legit bot in my opinion is all the worst in this cheat, i know this cheat is HVH based, but hey, there is legitbot tap that miss alot of function, (legit desync) legit desync chams. Which are deff needed for legit hvh nowdays, legit resolver as well would be usefull and a player tab, so you can adjust the resolver manually.

Visuals - 10-10 ngl those visuals are cute as hell, nothing has better visuals in scene, beside's skeet's chams.

Ragebot - 10-10 didn't play hvh for quite long time, but it's still hitting p, as i joined today, and was owning all those kids using cracked version (lol)

AA- 9-10 not much can be added with that desync era, however things could get improvments.

Misc- 10-10 you get everything you need in there, mm region picker, custom clantag, all the fun stuff.

overall i would give the cheat 9-10, not a baised opinion,

i love onetap, i love the community infact its not TOXIC at all (ofc some of them are)

staff 10/10 fast support, funny, expirenced.

sorry for my p london.


Early Adopter
LOL onetap "cracked version" = bad rat. LMFAO, i tap those kids using the cracked version... (that's kinda ez). Nice review !!