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Legit (haven’t used it much) 7/10

Rage 9/10 the desync resolver could use work, but atm better than all other p2c

Anti-Aim 9/10 Makes people dump easily a little confusing to config though.

Visuals 9/10 the recent visuals update made the visuals extremely easy to config.

Misc 10/10 no work needs to be done.

Security 9/10 I wish that when I forget to close steam it auto closed it like aimware, but this is just a user issue. Surprisingly it didn’t hasn’t gotten detected yet, even through the crack, well done.

Overall 9/10 This cheat is the best in HvH at the moment for anyone looking to buy this cheat, it’s well worth the 20 USD, especially if you know how to config basic settings.


the legit cheat is either too ragey or too useless. It's literally so bad because there has been the removal of min damage so the cheat just dumps with pistols.
i had the cheat before and im planning on rebuying again. I use to legit cheat alot on my main with a few skins (prime) and had tons of reports on me. Yet never ow banned. For me the legit cheat is really good because of my config. If you want you can use my config I posted. (might be outdated)