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Rage 9/10: Hack doesn't actually mag dump. If you mag dump, you are doing something wrong. At most, it takes around 3 shots to properly resolve someone. The hack is one of the only hacks that have a proper resolver. Could be different for different playstyles though, who knows.

Anti Aim 10/10: Use scripts. It would be nice if OInetap added state-based body lean/jitter/etc. But it can be done with a script regardless.

Visuals 10/10: Has everything you need. More can be done with scripts.

Misc 8/10: Terrible autostrafer, rest is fine/can be done with scripts. (Maybe autostrafer can be better as well, but the only script regarding autostrafer is just increasing the speed of the autostrafer.)

Menu 6/10: Bad organization, things like "Misc" with a period, in the end, should be changed.. I mean, I guess it's too late to change that now but it's so dumb to have a period in the end.. Also, I thought I would get used to the menu, because when it first released I legit couldn't navigate anything, but it still remains the same. Clustered and unorganized. (What happened to the godly v2 menu??)

API: Improving each update. Looking pretty good so far.
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onetap had a better resolver than :nemesis, fatality (no update for a year), aimware, skeet.