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RAGEBOT 6.5/10

i personally think this is one of onetaps weakest links. the hitbox selection is not good, as ive had multiple experiences where i would shoot a hitbox that i havent even selected, or selected a hitbox near it. its like it automatically overrides the selected hitboxes. the dt isnt bad, but it could be faster, and in my experience i found it very unreliable. the resolver also needs some work, as it basically cant resolve people who are slowwalking. but not to bash on it too much, since ive been ripping off heads frequently against good players.
overall, the ragebot is decent and better than most others, but its one of the worse ones in the top tier category.


not bad, not great. youll only be able to do so much with the vanilla settings, since theyre a bit basic. the aa becomes really good if you have a good aa js, and people usually wont be able to hit your head and just baim.
not really much to say here, decent, but js reliant to make it really good.


pretty good. a bit basic, but does the job really well, especially on low fov. the only thing that i dont like is the rcs, i dont know if im not setting it up correctly, but it feels like it doesnt have that much of an effect.


i havent personally used legit aa that much, but when i did it worked amazing. ive also read nothing but great things about it.
take this rating with a grain of salt, since i dont have much experience using it.


one of the cheats strong points. very customizable. you can create some amazing chams. im personally not a big fan of the simple penetration crosshair, but thats about it.
not much to say here, just amazing.

MISC 8/10

it has misc features. only thing id change is add a secondary autobuy option, like in v2.
other than that, its great.


decent skinchanger. the model changer is really nice to have. the scrolling on the skin search doesnt feel smooth. only thing id add is having custom nametags, option to make the stattrak update and stickers.

MENU 8/10

great menu, definitely an improvement over the v2 menu. im also not a fan of how it always opens in the same position, but thats just me. i wish they would add an option to change menu accent colors. there is a js for the windows, but the actual menu itself isnt customizable.


a great addition for v3. allows for some great things to be added. i think lua would have been better, but js is a bit easier for newer scripters. in the cheats current state though, i feel like its very js reliant.


the cheat performs good ingame, never had any lag with it. a problem i have is crashing though. it probably happens to me like 2-3 times a day, when i die. before you say just a bad pc, i have a good pc and it hasnt been happening before. the loading part is also a big pet peeve of mine, it either instantly loads, takes long to load, or just doesnt load at all. usually the latter. its not that big of a deal since its easy to just restart the game, but i think it could be improved on.
its not AW level bad, but def could use some improvement.


ive had interactions with the support team before, and i got a reply quickly even though it was a low priority ticket. id have to say Ray did the best job though ;)


i think its a great top tier cheat for beginners, as its easier to config than other cheats, and js is a bit easier than lua. its honestly a #1 contender, but it really needs an update. with the addition of another coder, i have high hopes that the issues will be fixed, and that it will be an overall improvement of the cheat.

this is the end of the review, i hope you learned something from it. if you agree or disagree with some of my points, id be glad to discuss them with you.
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nice review,
but ragebot like 5/4
cheat is eating my fps.
same problem when i die/get onshot cheat crash.
i have vega 64 and 3900x so bad pc is excuse.


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I personally used it just now and it eats fps, has shit visuals, gets detected often, doesnt get updated, shit admins and at last it has a shit resolver
Really though? People were commenting good about it a while ago. I have never used it so idk.


Ot is good but you need to play more safe to get kills when ot was being updated you could push anybody and tap them, not anymore
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Ot is good but you need to play more safe to get kills when ot was being updated you could push anybody and tap them, not anymore
not really safe, i play aggro, but if their pelvis is exposed then u can peek and get the kill 90% of the time, atleast from my experience