Onetap Review (Stolen Format -_-)

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(I 100% stole this format from Am0s)
So, HvH has been a big part of my daily life for about 4 years now, and I have used almost every cheat in the market now (aimware, ev0lve, nemisis, skeet, neverlose etc...).
Every cheat has their strengths and weaknesses, and this review will hopefully bring light to some of these in strictly my opinion based off my experiences and those experiences only.

I think the cheat right now is honestly one of the strongest cheats right now. In comparison to the other cheats on the market, I get some of my best performance from this cheat. I also find that I have the most fun using this cheat which is important to mention because some people fail to find the fun in playing and only seek to dominate others and top scoreboards etc.

So, in my opinion the Legitbot isn't really that important. I think I could go out and say that most people use Onetap to HvH and rarely use the legit features. I'm sure they work just fine for casual use, but I wouldn't and don't use them when I play prime with the boys, I opt for a more legit based cheat that is made for prime cheating
🤷‍♂️ Due to this fact, I will not be giving the Legitbot a rating because I have not used it.

Now, this is the part of the review that most people are looking for. To be honest, I find that the Ragebot gets a lot of unwarranted hate from people who expect a cheat to just dominate 100% of the time. The cheat can only be as good as the player if you have a shitty play style and shitty configs guess what? You're going to preform like shit. I personally have no big complaints about the Ragebot and I find it to be one of the better Ragebots from the mainstream cheats at the moment. The only thing I dislike is the fact that Rifles, SMGs, Shotguns, and LMGs don't have separate configuration settings, but this is now been added in the form of a javascript so I can't really complain on that. I think that people forget that no cheat is perfect and every cheat will miss shots sometimes. Also, I find that a lot of people think that Skeet is like a godly cheat and nothing else can compare, and I find they trying to compare the two cheats with stupid comparisons that don't make sense. I think that with fine tuning of settings and using Javascripts to help performance the Ragebot is a solid feature and I give it a 8/10 in my opinion.

Now Onetap has A LOT of anti-aim Javascripts and I don't normally use "stock" Onetap anti-aim. I do in fact find people missing shots on me, or not even shooting in some cases. This is mainly in the case that they're going for head shots and not doing to double tap my body so very violently. Even so, I still find that people missing my body is common which is quite nice. I don't really ever see people bashing the anti-aim, and I don't really have that many things to say about the anti-aim execpt that it fucking works so 18/20???!!!? Idk I'm writing this review out of bordem during class so yeah!

I mean they're visuals they work they're nice they're clean what else is there to say? Onetap has good customization which I don't really use, but it is there for those color addicts who love to make their game look like 6ix9ine's hair. Skyboxes are cool and uh hitsounds and killsounds fall into the visual category and I use those so I mean they work. I don't really know what else to say about visuals. They're just visuals 7/7?

Well I think that the misc settings are just like every other cheats misc settings so I mean they're pretty chillaxed. I do appreciate whoever named Chicago Chiraq on the region selector, I saw that and laughed for a solid 4 minutes and 21 seconds. The skin changer tab is nice and simple and has all the customization options you could want. I guess solid A+ on the whole misc department idk.

Dude, yes like give me all the javascripts. The fact that Onetap had Javascript really motivated me to start to learn it and get into it which is cool and I like to see all of the creative people who have made their own Javascripts (fuck pasters and code steals btw not cool). I think that Javascripts are great and some people hate on them and say they're here so the cheat doesn't have the be as good ,but I think they make the cheat better and we should be happy to have them. Most of the Javascripts you need to make your cheat work better are free and people just want reasons to hate on Onetap and the members of the community. 5 Gold Stars for JavaScripts 0 Gold Stars for cunts who cry about them

You know I really do like the forums. I like looking on here in my free time looking at all the threads meaningful or meaningless. I always get a good laugh on the forums and enjoy interacting with users either in helpful ways or harmless banter. The forums are FULL of information and help and you'd be surprised to what you can find if you comb through the forums. 10 Good Noodle Starts out of 9

I hope you enjoyed this pointless review I wrote to waste time while in a class. I also did a snazzy little Onetap color theme #branding which was cool I guess. I will probably reply to all meaningful comments as well as answer any questions you guys ask because I'm bored :/​
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Woah look, another review that's actually good and doesn't just say "cheat bad, refund pls". Good job with the review, lots of things that I can agree with.
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