onetap review from 1 1/2 months

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Alright so, I haven't done a review on ot before and I thought I should, so here you go. If you disagree with anything in this post, let me know in the comments.

Ragebot: 8/10. Exploits are really good, and overall pretty good.

Resolver: 7.5/10: Resolver can be somewhat bipolar, but it hits head a lot and is overall pretty good.

Legitbot: 6.5/10: Now, the smoothing is ok, but the triggerbot is kind of confusing and not the best.

Visuals: 9/10: Holy, when I first bought the cheat I was so impressed by the visuals. Reflect settings and such are really well made, and a lot of others think the same.

Customization: 5/10: Really not much customization on here, then again it isn't much of a priority and shouldn't be :).

Misc: 7/10: Has everything you need, and the directional air strafe is really good.

Overall: 8/10. Really good cheat. If you're thinking about buying ot and just browsing the fourms, I'd recommend it.