Onetap Review [Base from my 2 months experience]

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So basically onetap's ragebot is good and the backtrack is good I'm backtracking enemies back to zimbabwe what i really love about the ragebot is the exploits oh boi the exploits is so fking it gives me an advantage when I'm peeking, although the resolver sometimes miss and sometimes the prediction is kinda whackbut still the cheat is freakin fire from my experience I constantly get 3-4kd every game that i play. I hope future updates improves some other features
8/10 for the ragebot

The anti aim is good I have nothing to say to it I don't use AA js and my aa is still good the fakelag is nice although I hope that I can bind settings like from neverlose
9/10 for the anti aim

The visuals are highly customizable that is I have to say I'm very happy with the visuals tho I wish they add more chams
9/10 for the Visuals

Misc is ok a lot of very useful features
10/10 for the misc

Overall the cheat is fire i recommend to try it out
9/10 for the cheat
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