Onetap Review After 1 Month - Should you buy it?

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Everybody has different opinions, but read my review if you are considering to buy onetap.
Yes. I enjoyed all the time i had with it and will purchase again someday. Thank you for awesome month, now lets get into the review part

[LEGIT 10/10]
Has everything needed for an legit playstyle, i wish there was a legit triggerbot without holding a key though.

[RAGE 9.5/10]
p Ragebot, has alot of features. Very good.

[ANTI-AIM 9.5/10]
Very good anti-aim with many features.

[VISUALS 10/10]
Has everything you need. Sexy af visuals.

[MISC 9/10]
The misc section is kind of an harder one to review, but i wish there was an lua feature.

[OVERALL 9.5/10]
Onetap has everything you need for, legit, rage, maybe even trolling.
I mostly wanna thank the developers for this awesome cheat. I hope you continue to develop this cheat.
Thank you for an awesome month onetap <3.​