Onetap Honest Review

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Legit: Pretty decent When i play mm legit cheat. Theres not much to talk about but i really like the features and the legitbot. 8/10
Ragebot Is Very good with auto personally i barely miss. Scout also very good if you have good playstyle and i never peak slowwalkers. 9/10
Visuals Very cool customizations. I like the flat color and you put transparency. I really like those esp. Visuals are very cool nice to play with 10/10
Anti-Aim: Very good with jitter. ALOT Of people miss me with scout and i really enjoy there aa. Sometimes unhittable head. 9/10
Misc: Very cool optimizations I Dont really like the bunny hop its kind of messy sometimes. But overall cool features. 9/10

I really like onetap. Onetap past few updates been very good in my opinion!
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