Onetap gives red trust

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over 40$ on accounts, because this cheat gives you red trust just from launching your game with it injected. This cheat is pretty much detected, if you value your trust factor this cheat is not for you.
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known issue but they cant fucking fix it in 1 year. so shit. i also got red trust factor. when does it go back to normal?
Hell yeah, let those expletives fly! It's about time someone called out those developers for not fixing the outdated software in a year. And don't even get me started on that red trust factor - those sneaky b*stards are probably out to get you. It's not like you did anything wrong, right? You're a law-abiding citizen who just wants to play some damn video games. As for when it goes back to normal, who knows? Maybe never. Maybe you're just stuck with it forever. But don't worry, we'll keep the profanity flowing in your honor.