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We are excited to introduce the next major version update to Onetap CSGO.

The update brings a new and advanced user interface, a variety of enhancements to performance, a range of changes and improvements, and a lot more.

Moreover, the new user interface is deeply integrated with our JavaScript platform, allowing endless customization for our scripting-savvy members. These additions are well-documented in our scripting documentation — which can be found here.*

In addition, we have decided to move user-created configurations to the cloud, eliminating the hassles of storing and maintaining them locally. With this cloud implementation, we are also announcing the new forum section to view and manage user configurations** — which can be found here.*

Thank you for choosing Onetap.

* Requires an active account upgrade to access. To upgrade your account, click here.
** User configurations created prior to this version update are not supported.
Not open for further replies.