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Onetap CSGO v3

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We are very excited to share with you the release of the next major update to our CSGO cheat — Onetap CSGO v3.

The new major version of our CSGO cheat comes with a slew of changes, improvements, and enriched features for users and developers alike.

In addition to the many functional changes and additions, the update comes with a new interface designed to enhance the usability of the software.

For developers, the new update provides a framework for scripting that allows users to customize various functional and visual aspects through JavaScript.

Finally, we now offer a 12-month option for our account upgrades, which, now through Monday, is on sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Thank you for choosing Onetap.

For a complete, comprehensive list of the product features of Onetap CSGO v3, including previews and feature descriptions, click here.

For the new scripting framework, we have set up a dedicated section that contains documentation resources, which can be found here.*

* Requires an active account upgrade to access. To upgrade your account, click here.
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