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Nearly two months of onetap review (First month was in V1)


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Since I mostly play HvH, that is what I'll be reviewing the features for.

First let me get Legitbot out of the way.

The legit features are not worth using. Got banned within a few days, using other legitbots this wasnt the case.

Ragebot (Aimbot) is pretty good, but there are two notable issues.
ONE: Resolver is a mess.
TWO: Will almost always aim for head on even low health targets. I've had someone peek me with 2 health, and instead of b-aiming them it would try and head, miss, and I'd die. So a nice feature(s) to have would be BAIM if lethal and BAIM after X shots. (Note, these were features in v1!)

Anti-Aim is ok. Some other providers have more customization to it, but onetap's still does a decent job.

Visuals are nice but some additional features would be good. (On-Hit ESP, maybe other stuff)

Misc features i'd give a 8/10. Could use stuff like LUA support. Some skins (Ice Cap, Moonrise) dont show up in skinchanger for weapons aside from the ones they are meant for.

That's my review.
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Lua support would make it a mess. Not just that, but the reason that the aimbot might prefer head when enemy is on 2 hp is because it still prefers higher damage. Or that it might would have been a more accurate shot.


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Lua support wouldn't make it a mess. It'd open up possibilities. How is an OPTIONAL feature a mess?


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Maybe lua eventually but right now no. Would much prefer the deva to focus on improving the cheat.