My second review

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I am going to write only the things that I had problems with because everything else is really good and I would recommend onetap to anyone who is looking to hvh or legit cheat in CS:GO.
Legit and rage features are really nice and work very well, the resolver has to be the best from all the cheats I've played with and visuals and misc features are flawless.

Teleport peek
I would have double tap and auto peek on, but sometimes I'm not able to teleport

Enemies would sometimes not render in
Clip Clip #2

Small sugestion
To be able to use your binds while holding left alt.
So I use left alt as crouch and while holding it I'm not able to use any of my keybinds. For example while holding alt (crouch) I'm not able to fake duck and I'm forced to release my finger and press C which is my bind for fake duck.
For future reference, the 2nd esp clip is an esp 1way, IIRC it's the same with the 1st one, but I'm not sure.
As for dt-peek I've never encountered any issues with it, but I haven't used OT in a while, so it might just be a new problem that wasn't addressed yet.


for the esp thing, that isn't really an issue with the cheat, but rather it's the game's "fault", complain to valve for patching far esp.