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In its current state I would say the cheat is the best it's ever been.

Aimbot: the resolver is extremely good at the moment with my only complaint being make the sideways preference stricter other than that it hits so much head at the moment if you.set up your preferences correctly. Double tap is very good when slow walking but I find I don't shoot if I try to running peek. New safety feature is actually p aswell. 9.5/10

Visuals: don't really have much of an opinion for this but no sleeves is p for CT. 10/10

Anti aim: the anti aim is very good most of the time but sometimes when peeking without fakelag you will get your head ripped off instantly. 9/10

Fakelag: at least with my current settings people really struggle to hit me when in air + on peek. Not much else to say just p. 10/10

Overall I think the cheat is the best cheat in the scene right now. With very few issues currently. 9.5/10

Fix R8 worked perfectly fine until the latest update now 75% of my shots are client side smh.
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