My review after using 3 months - LOVERBOY

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Legitbot - 6/10

The legitbot is a lot of fun to play with, but is confusing at first. And sometimes I get told my aimbot looks obvious, even on low speed/ fov. The triggerbot is overall pretty good, but I think a burst mode to shoot after you hit your shot would be useful, for example when using the ak and trigger I get a lot of instant one taps and it looks blatant. Also, when using legit aa, part of your hitbox overlaps with the desync (please fix this!)

Ragebot - 9/10

This is where the cheat really shines. Unlike other p2cs, I hardly ever go negative with this cheat. In fact, I consistently top frag in HvH servers with this cheat, which with aimware hardly ever happened even after years of using. I also appreciate the new features that have been added recently. The fakeduck and fakelag work better than any other cheats I've used, and it is also easy to configure. The only thing I dislike is having to set up a taser config, instead of a simple zuesbot button. Also, it is pointless for the autoscope option to appear on weapons that don't have scopes, likes pistols and rifles, but that is not a big deal. Overall very good ragebot and feels premium. Also, the exploits work well. People complain about missing shots, but I miss more with other p2cs than with this one.

Visuals - 9/10

The visuals are highly customizable, there is something for everyone. It has everything you need and has nice touches like kill drawings, custom skyboxes and hitsounds, etc. that overall make the cheat really fun to play with. Other than that, the viewmodel changer and skinchanger are perfect, As for suggestions I think world modulation would be nice, where you can set the color of the map using nightmode, which would fit well with the visuals the cheat already has. More importantly, death chams would be great, where when you kill an enemy it shows where their hitbox was, or they keep their chams are still enabled when they're dead. It is a really nice atheistic imo.

Misc - 9/10

Would be a 10/10 if there was LUA support. lua's are the only leverage other cheats have over onetap. I know the devs aren't interested in adding it, but I think it would be fun for trolling with blockbot, or adding unique visuals, etc. It would give a more personal touch to the user. Other than that, no complaints to the misc, everything works great and has a lot of useful features other cheats don't have ( Disable post, buybot, etc.) Also the recoil crosshair moving your in-game crosshair is an insanely good idea and something I'm surprised I've never seen before. Everything works great.

Overall - 8.5/10 one of the best cheats I've ever used.