My real experience about onetap

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a late asf reply but cool review, for me experience its not the best with scout but that can just be bc of my play style or i just suck, cheat only performs as good as the player.
and the:
> (forgot about the resolver, stop yelling it is bad, ot can't resolve)
is extremely based, not every cheat is able to resolve perfectly and in the end you just have to deal with it, even NL misses head :kekw:

high pp review
let me talk about how i know onetap
it's all because my friend @DubsSm4sh (alr quit hvh)
I'm still thinking is it worth for buying onetap (cuz i don't play hvh before) he alr bought 1y hhh
anyway, now only me playing hvh (friendless : <)
so this is my review

It really depends on your playstyle and your config, it can be very good or mess you up, but for me it is 10 out of 10, i often slaughtering in hvh server and getting top frag
(forgot about the resolver, stop yelling it is bad, ot can't resolve, other cheats also, unless you want on shot only like nl, but imo, ot resolver>all public cheats, my auto taps like a ssg)

I don't really know how to config about the anti-aim, u can make a bo$$ anti-aim like @FatherLogan, also the fake up fake down, there are so many things you can setup (but of coz if you know how to, otherwise get a anti-aim js is your best choise)

If you have altyn, i would give 10/10

The font is perfect, looks modern and beautiful, the colour of the flag are very good too, there are so many esp flag you can choose. (neverlose is eye cancer, those fonts bruh)

There are few types of charms type, but not very perfect (i want glow with custom and on shot charms), is it still enough if you just want to know about enemy is behind a wall or not, so i will give a 9 out of 10

A tons of functions can be selected, the visuals interpolation is my favorite function, i can catch the timing more easily

Config and Script system
There are cloud system for it, so useful that nobody can leak your config/script, and you don't need to worry about your configs and scripts will disappear after change or restore your pc

You really need to know scripting like the back of your hand, the api seems very less, but actually you can do a lot of things with the js, not very friendly for somebody that is not familiar about scripting

Trust me, every cheat shoutbox is an aid while waiting the cheat update (csgo updated), but for the forum itself, it is very nice, the admin are very friendly, if you have any questions, they will answer you anything! I really enjoy onetap forum!

In conclusion, for a public cheat
I would give a 10/10
Is onetap worth it If i just wanna legit cheat?