My Ratings after a month | HONEST REVIEW |

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I been using for a month now. I just renewed my sub. I will tell my ratings honestly with explanations.

Rage Bot: 7.6/10
I think the rage bot is overall good but sometimes have their ups and downs. I think they could add a little bit better resolver,
I sometime hits P with shots than sometimes It delays every shot.

Anti Aim: 8.4
The AA is very good. AA Jitter makes most cheats dump their fake which is very good. The legacy really needs to be fixed but it good. Also I think
They should add a jitter way were it does from 0 degree to 90 degree for Manual Aim but In my opinion it's very decent.

Visuals: 10.5/10

Visuals are very sexy and no hate to anything its the best visuals :)))

MISC: 10/10
No comment its just good

Legit Bot: 9/10
I think the legit bot is very legit. But Once it weirdly aim locked on a head which made me get over-watched which maybe was a glitch so I shook it off but everything is good. The Legit AA. The Aim Assist is very legit and smooth

Performance: 7/10
The performance is very good in my
opinion but sometimes I get less than 20 FPS on my pc. But Good thing its not like aim-ware or some shit like that. It makes it to the point where you're get low fps but not bad fps
Which is a pat on the back to the coders

Overall: 8.6/10
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