My Onetap review after being banned since the beginning of OT v3.

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Rage: 10/10
The ragebot has went through alot of reworks and seeing how it is right now I feel fine giving it a 10/10 as v2 and v3 were a little bit iffy when it came to stuff like this.

Anti-Aim: 9/10
The antiaim isn't the most customizable thing but IT IS really good with making people miss first / second bullet. If you we're going to use AA without java's then you may run into some issue's.

Visuals: 10/10
The visuals are great. Just lacking some features.

Misc: 9/10
Misc has every feature you'd think it would have. Just some wrong categorization.

Final words:
At the end of the day this cheat has improved ALOT since v2 and v3. I'll give the devs that. And honestly I keep hitting constantly hitting 5ks without trying.

(sorry for bad review ;( )
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