My onetap review after 1 and a half month

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Legit bot 8/10
The Legit bot works fine for me i dont have a problem with it.

HvH stuff 9/10
The ragebot is really good. I found no issues using it right now.
The Anti-Aim works really well and better with the help of JavaScripts. It can make any cheat dump if you use .js and even the stock aa works fine
The resolver is very good in my opinion it hits p most the time. It misses sometimes but not too much to bother me.

Misc 10/10
Almost everything is found here so no worries.

Visuals 7.5/10
The visuals are good to screw around with you can make really nice visuals with it if you put like 20mins into it.

Overall 9/10
Cheat overall performs really well for hvh and legit cheating. Its definitely worth it for a 26$ cheat. This review was my opinion so you can disagree. 0_-
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