My Onetap Review (2 Months In)

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The legitbot tab is nice, has a little customizability to make the config you need, not really any complaints here, pretty solid. 7.5 / 10

The rage bot in this cheat is something to talk about, theres days where this cheat performs insanely good, im talking 6 to 8k's every round, but then theres some days where the cheat feels like your using, multiple misses, not shooting, getting tapped, yet again i could just be playing garbage which is most likely the case, and im not trying to talk shit about it here im just being honest about how i find the cheat some days compared to others. Its usually very reliable though, i do feel like things such as the double tap need to be improved, its not the fastest dt ive seen, it can still hit p tho, ive found recently that hide shots sometimes doesnt actually hide your onshot, im not sure if thats something that can be helped, but its my experience. The cheat is fairly accurate and respecting to your hitboxes and multipoints, aswell as hitchance and accuracy boost, ive found it to be a really nice experience, the scout has had some issues for me lately as in im dumping the first 1 or 2 shots then finally tapping them if i dont die. hasnt happened all the time, but has been noticable to be an issue i'll mention. every thing else in the rage tab performs nicely and no complaints. 8 / 10

The Anti Aim in onetap is fairly solid but could be better, you can change yaw and jitter offsets aswell as your pitch, but other than that theres not much else to the anti aim unless your using a javascript, the fake lag is P and doesnt make you trade off performance or ability to kill for fake lag, like some cheats have had problems with, the fake angles or desync has worked really well and ive been able to make skeet and ev0lve dump me with good configs, it could use a few things added like desync offsets or other ways to customize and make more p aa. The anti-aim in onetap is very consistent, once you make a good aa, it stays, it doesnt go bipolar and get you tapped half the time, which is what i like about onetaps anti-aim. 8 / 10

The visuals are great in onetap, they're insanely customizable, you can make whatever visuals you want, full textured chams? got it, flat chams with some transparency and a glow for qxz? onetap can do that too, 2 colour glow visible and texture qxz with contrasting colours? you get the point, the visuals are P100. The ESP is good and actually is able to display enemies at reasonable distances. flags (FD, Armour, Scoped etc) are great too, not too obnoxious and in your face like some cheats visuals, i really like onetaps visuals, i would only suggest qxz glow, which i would like, aswell as being able to change the colour of history ESP. World visuals are nice too, although ive found the nightmode slider doesnt actually do anything until about 0.10 on the slider, no other issues except that. 9.5/10

The misc tab on onetap actually has Miscellaneous features, extended backtracking, bhop, autostrafe and many more features, all of this stuff actually fits into the misc tab unlike some other cheats that throw it in somewhere random elsewhere in the cheat, nothing really too much to say, good features, fits well 8 / 10

The skin changer is very nice for onetap, you can pick any skin for any weapon you want, although the whole scrolling can be a pain in the ass im glad theres a search bar which isnt something you see in every cheats skin changer. The skins load quick and no in game lag occurs from changing a skin mid round, same goes for the glove changer and knife models, no lag, models change instantly, and there are preset seeds for different skins including fire and ice marble fade, 20-10 fade for the karambit, and others to explore and use. the scrolling for switching to different weapons to apply skins to is a little buggy and sometimes doesnt scroll the full amount its meant to. minor issue, no biggie, 9.9 / 10

The Javascript tab in onetap was a very nice addition to the cheat, instead of opting for LUA onetap chose js, im not sure why, but it is what it is, theres still many options and different things to create using javascript, aswell as java script being an easy language to learn, its suitable for most people to get into scripting in the hvh community, a job well done i'd say.

Cheat UI
The Cheats UI is really clean in my opinion, i really like that the menu rescales itself for different tabs, easy to navigate and find what your looking for. I would like to see manual menu resizing similar to gamesense's UI, but i'd understand if that were not an option. I also would like to expect to be able to change the UI colour similar to V2, maybe with options to customize the way it changes colours, like flow, fade or static colour changing, only a thought but it'd be nice to see.

Overall Thoughts
Very nice cheat, user friendly for both experienced cheaters and newcomers, plenty of options for whatever your looking for, everything works in the cheat and i'd recommend the cheat to a friend, P cheat devs, nice job