My Honest Review for Ragebot

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During these past months I have been using OT everything has gone downhill due to lack of an update. Just let me get into what is good and what isn't good during these past weeks OT has been performing horrible with scout compared to what it could do about 1 month ago. Scout has not been respecting HC even without any JS's which seems real odd as I don't use adaptive HC scripts only AA scripts. Through that tough chance of actually barely hitting one shot yet its only on a paste. Scout needs multiple improvements as I've never seen a cheat this great miss that fucking bad.
Scouting 0/10

Other then that Auto always seems to either.
A. Miss 2nd DT or,
B. Hit Second DT
Auto, yes is still good but can use some updating still with HC and pointscale.
I personally give the auto a 7/10

Now onto The Ragebot resolver.
This resolver is very outdated using a brute force resolver is horrid trying to scout but with an Auto you can lay around 4-5 kills which is nice if you're not aiming for head, but I prefer to scout more then anything. Most people now use dodge brute force or cheats already have anti brute force built into them which is a downside for the resolver. Personally I would like to see the resolver back to what it was about a month ago where we were actually able to tap a head without OS. I would give the resolver a 5/10

Personally I love the anti aim for OT as it is a very strong anti aim depending on the settings you use. The static AA in it is amazing and it my favorite to use. I honestly give anti aim a 10/10 as sometimes yes your head is impossible to hit unless it is OS.

Overall Right now I personally give the cheat a 5/10 due to the fact that the cheat isn't the best as what it was 2 months ago.



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Been tapping with scout, been tapping with auto. 3+kd every game. Cheat's still performing very well. Yes I don't have a sub rn, literally just ended today, I'll get another one in like 2 days.