My Honest review about onetap

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☆Menu : I really like the new menu design of onetap v4 there are some features which are placed kinda bad in the menu but in rest is verry nice an clean but it could be better if they added an seach bar for features because there are a lot of features so for the menu i'll give an 9.5/10

☆Misc : In the misc tab you have all you need in a legit/rage cheat so it's fine but one thing i don't like is the autostrafer like is pretty fucked it used to be good back in time (on onetap v2 and at beginning of v3) 9/10

☆Legitbot : I'm not a big fan of legit cheating but after some tries doing an legit config for onetap v4 and testing and using it i can say is all you need and is verry good you have everything you need and is working verry good 10/10

☆Ragebot : This a new big resolver update and i can say onetap did a really good job updating the resolver for v4, 1 thing i don't like is the minimum damage because sometimes u hit under minimum damage hits possibly is config issue and i can say is the best cheat you could buy for rageing 9.9/10 i would give an 10/10 if the minimum damage wasn't bad sometimes but i guess this is happening to all the cheats so

☆AntiAim : To be honest i really like aa on v2 for one thing it was verry hard to hit v2's head on backwards on crouch and jump and a lot easier to knife / zeus people but v4's aa is a lot better while standing/moving/slowwalking/crouching 9.5/10

☆Visuals : From v3 to v4 they didn't updated to much the visuals but i can say the visuals are verry nice and they had a clean and nice look and i'll allways choose onetap instead of other cheat at visuals 10/10

☆Others : i really like the new config style more digital and the scripts tab and how they did all the stuff and i like when u want to save/load it says if u want to confirm (so if u're idiot and by wrong clicked another config and clicked save you can be sure i won't save on another config and stuff 10/10

☆Staff : The staff is pretty fast and if u need something or to report a bug be sure that they'll respond fast and they did good what they did 10/10

☆Overral : Onetap looks like it getts better and better with every update and looks like they really want to do a verry good and thanks for the stuff for fixing issues with the cheat and stuff 9.5/10
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It's nice to see it around here sometimes man
But it was my honest review, 1 thing i didn't say i don't like how the ragebot config is now , back in time with onetap it was easier to do a good config and now is a lot harder ,for me is not a problem at all because i know a lot of types of things for config to shot but for a new player or a player who doesn't like paid/free configs from the forum and is not that good at doing configs is harder for him to do a good config.
But if u want/need a good cheat you need to know how to use it too
And 1 thing i like with v4 i din't shot more than 1 miss in dsync(while not testing/updating config)only some spread because you can't fix the shit spread on csgo and if u use dt u're gonna have a higher spread