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my honest opinion on onetap.su

Legit bot 9/10: I really love the legit bot settings has so much to offer to make you look like a legit player

Visuals 10/10: you can customize the visuals and the new ones are siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick I really like it because of the features

Rage 9/10: I really like the rage bot it has so many features I always win in hvh against other people with onetap.su I really like it and you can customize each weapon and how to use it

Skins & Misc 10/10: Skins any skin you want you can use it. the misc has a lot of features it can boost your fps and customize it I really love it a lot

Overall, 10/10 I would recommend buying it because it is a very good cheat if you have the right config for it taps a lot of cheats,

im writing this because this is my last week I may or may not buy it again