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While i'm having some issues injecting the cheat atm (since the new loader came out) i decided that i'll leave my opinion about the cheat. Note that i'm not trying to undermine or trash-talk it, i'll just be as honest as possible.

I've had 2 subs last summer when V2 was out and the cheat was amazing. I can go as far as saying that it was godlike. I was getting amazing scores, it performed just perfectly, i loved it, and even though i don't really spend any money on games in general (especially cheats) i can say that it was worth every penny.

I came back to hvh a few weeks ago. I was kinda bored and was missing the toxicity of the hvh community that always made me laugh. Anyway, i bought the V3 days ago through a reseller and i'd like to let you know what i think about it:

Legit-bot - 10/10

There isn't much to say about the legit-bot since i rarely use it on matchmaking or in community servers trolling with the legit AA. I am really satisfied with its features and it's really good.

Visuals - 10/10

I love them. They're looking great, clean, got a shit load of customization available and they never cause a large fps drop like other cheats do.

Misc and JavaScripts- 9/10

A lot of useful features and the fact that JS was implemented into the cheat really helps with its overall performance in-game, especially in HvH, since this is why i bought the cheat for. The only downside here is that there are a lot of "official js" or "approved scripts" on the forum that lead to a lot of crashes most of the time.

Anti-Aim - 9/10

The AA of Onetap is great, very customizable and effective. The jitter is amazing, i've had many dump it, i am very satisfied by it, especially when using certain AA js that are making it really OP. Downsides imo: the fake-desync is not as effective on peek a lot of times and the on-shot desync isn't that great. I still get on-shotted a lot. The fake-lag is also really really good. Most of the time when scouting and peeking enemies quickly they do not shoot at all or just miss me.

Rage-bot - 8/10

Now, to the most important part of the cheat, the rage-bot. I am kind of disappointed by it for several reasons: the instant double-tap tends to miss a lot, not shoot at all or just shooting one bullet and then stopping (and before u say it's a cfg issue, i've tried many, including mine, with the same result), the resolver isn't as good as i hoped it would be and it baims quite a lot, a lot more than it should, which leads to me losing because of it. That is quite bad since i'm playing mainly with auto. Even with that being said, i am very pleased by its performance when using the duallies, r8, scout and awp. It shoots really really well with those guns, i got nothing to complain about that.
From a 10/10 that V2 would've got from me, i'll only give an 8/10 for V3's ragebot.

Altogether, the cheat is still worth the money, despite its bipolar character

My final score is a 8.5/10