My Honest Onetap V4 Review *short*


Sooo.... My name is kacbart127. I'm using OT since 2019. I got my first sub on OT in July 2019 [OT V2] and i bought two subs OT V4 [June and October] .

Ragebot : 8/10

Ragebot is perfect . This Ragebot is f**king KILLING MACHINE. On this Ragebot u can making easy kills. Double tap is godlike and Hideshots. Resolver is good but could be better.

Visuals : 7/10

ESP is sufficient, good and minimalistic. Chams is good but this glow chams is in my opinion little bit trash. Nightmode and World Color Modulation is very good.

Anti-Aim : 5/10

Default AA in OT V4 without is really basic and trash but if u have any good AA script Anti aim can be godlike.

Menu : 9/10

Menu is Basic, Easy and Readable.

Skin changer : 7/10

Skin changer and Model changer is simple and sometimes buggy.

Misc : 10/10

Misc section is great and everything you need is there.

Overall : 8/10

Onetap v4 is the best public hvh cheat at the moment. If u have decision NeverLose v2 or Onetap v4 . Pick Onetap v4

HAVE A GOOD DAY - kacbart127
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Just wondering, could you explain how the skin & model changer is buggy? I don't use it that much so I never experienced any issues, just wondering!
Hm? Please elaborate lol I don't think I understood what you mean by that
when you go to inspect a skin that you changed through the cheat sometimes the inspections are bugged such as not working in general or doing it when pulled out, etc.