My feedback after 6 mounths of use.

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After 6 months of use I'd like to share my opinion about this cheat with you:

1.Legitbot: 9.5/10 - Nothing special there but sometimes the Legit AA is flicking and that's why I dont use it.

2.Ragebot: 10/10 - There are so many exploits at DoubleTap like Lag Peek or Standby Choke that I like and also the resolver and prediction are insane.

3.Rage Anti-Aim: 9/10 - Anti aim is fine but it can be better with some Javascripts.

4.Misc: 10/10 - Again, the bhop and autostrafe are good, nothing special.

5.Overall: 9.6/10 - This cheat is perfect for me, I played with other cheats but this is my favorite one, even if it's not as good as others.

I hope you liked my review about Onetap and sorry if I made any mistake in this thread. Stay safe. 😀