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So I've been only using Onetap v3 lately because I don't have any other cheat or private cheat. I'm breaking this cheat into 5 parts (like always) Legit bot, Visuals , Misc , Anti-aim and Rage-bot

1.Legit bot.
It's pretty good I've got no complain about it. Maybe there would be an option for the bhop to hit maximum times to bhop and minimum times to start with, that would be a great option

2. Visuals.
It's nice and clean , I like the glow a lot because it's not that annoying like other cheats have the ghost/glow chams. The rest is pretty normal/decent

3. Misc.
It's nice that Onetap has something different than other cheats and that is it uses javascript instead of LUAS. And the new Region changer is a nice add of the cheat. Yet it's just normal as other cheats

4. Anti-Aim.
The anti-aim is pretty nice and good. The auto-direction is the best thing about it but maybe fix it when it overlaps because it peeked my real many times. Rest of the anti-aim is good like desync on shot which makes some cheats miss.

5. Rage-bot
The best thing about Onetap I've liked so far is the Rage-bot - resolver. It hits a lot of shots if you config it right and with the right javascripts it's as good as any private cheat so far (What I think :p) It can hit a lot but misses sometimes because of the auto-stop. It is fine for me but it should be fixed.

Overall I really like onetap and it's features. I got no complain about it and might buy more subs from it.
Score: 8/10
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id recommend you turning off auto direction, imo it makes your desync pretty much useless, you wont even get people missing you, and youll get toeaimed a lot more with it on


I've been playing with this cheat for a long time, The cheat is very great on the start, but then after like month or even week, It starts to be completely cancer, Missing otc, aimware, (Not even gonna talk about skeet or any other private cheat), But overall is still one of the best cheats on the market right now.


auto direction is totally useless, you're literally revealing your stomach first, almost every cheat/user baims, also they see you first if i'm not wrong


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Nowadays auto direction shouldn't be used, everyone uses DT on baim and auto direction makes you peek with your stomach out.

not alpha so manual signature
I like coloring text
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