My experience with onetap

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Hello, i've been playing with onetap for quite a bit and I think im ready to share my experience with it.

So, first of all, im just gonna say that, in my opinion, onetap is still a really solid cheat even if its kinda outdated. Without scripts yeah I agree its kinda bad, but if you add scripts it starts getting really good.

My ratings:
Legit: 10/10 - i've had no issues with legit and for me personally its enough
Rage: 8/10 - if you use no scripts ofc its pretty bad but with scripts its just fine
Anti Aim: 7/10 - can be a bit bad without scripts
Visuals: 10/10 - don't see anything missing from the visuals and its customizable which is what I like
Misc: 9/10 - its ok for the normal user but maybe there can be some extra stuff
Menu: 9/10 - i like it, but its just a bit cluttered

This is my review, hope you liked it!
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