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My 4 month onetap review


Rage bot - 9/10
Onetaps ragebot is very good The resolver does its job well the majority of the time. All the features in the rage section work fine and can be used for passive and aggressive playstyles.

Visuals - 10/10
I personally really enjoy the visuals as they are very customizable and allow the user to have plenty of choice in what they want. I also like the fact that esps and colours look clean.
Im going to also include the menu in the visuals, the menu is extremely simple making it easy for new/inexperienced users to find their way around without becoming confused.

Anti aim 9/10 - The anti aim is good and simple and i do notice that some cheats dump it if cfgs correctly, however i have only rated it a 9 as there is not much you can change as there is only 3 settings. I would like to see in the future that the cheat could maybe add some more settings to allow the user to be more free instead of just locking them to 3 choices

Misc 10/10 - The misc section has everything somebody would need and i dont see anything wrong with this part at all.

Overall i would give the cheat a 9/10 as its extremely simple to use and a good cheat. The 4 months that i have owned the cheat has been extremely fun and i look forward to being able to use it for a longer time. I would recommend this cheat to anybody that its looking for the best p2c in the market at the moment.