My 1 year onetap review

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RageBot: 5/10

The RageBot is good for mm hvh, partly because everyone in mm hvh is using osiris or otc. For community hvh servers, I have to ideal tick and force body aim with a scout to go positive. If you are not doing that with Onetap on community servers you will always get dogged on. Overall if you want a good RageBot experience with Onetap you are better off playing mm hvh over community server hvh.

LegitBot: 9/10

The LegitBot is amazing, besides the fact that the triggerbot is too blatant. Overall the LegitBot is oone of the best tools with Onetap.

Visuals: 10/10

In my mind Onetap is known as a great LegitBot + Visual cheat. The visuals are clean and are perfect for Legit cheating. The Visuals have a variety of different customize features, which is why Visuals is a 10/10.

Misc: 9/10

The Misc tab is great tab, but I feel like there is too many useless stuff in my opinion. For example, zoom and freecam in the keys section. In my opinion these features are useless.

Overall: 8/10

Onetap is a great cheat for newcomers, but once you start to understand cheating more the cheat becomes worse and worse and worse. Also, the fact that the staff announce an update and say it will come out in a week or so and then 2 months later nothing has happened is bs.


simply cfg and playstyle, while i do agree it does need an update, i can still go positive with an auto.