Moto Moto's ***HONEST!!!*** review

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Legitbot: Tried it I guess it kinda works I just use legit bt and chams as I was mge anyways hitbox selection would be nice I guess

Ragebot: Works fine tons of features on mm I destroy but ns idk

Anti Hit/ Aims: 7/10 I guess they work but I think abit is missing and sometimes the aas fuck up and I peek my head first (improved)

Players: 10/10 Everything you would want maybe just change the fonts to a nice one?

Visuals: 10/10 Same everything you would want

Misc: 8/10 Got alot of stuff just missing stuff like rank revealer, edge jump

Menu: 8/10 Pretty clean maybe just move stuff around and have layouts

Overall: Fine legit cheat, Amazing rage cheat and tons of visuals / customization to be had with this cheat.
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