Legacy Fake Angles

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We are pleased to announce that onetap CSGO now supports the recently published server plugin for legacy fake angles.

The server plugin, which was publicly released on Unknowncheats.me in the previous month, can be found by clicking here.

Furthermore, we've been working with Rantei$ and GameTime to bring you the best experience by planning this release in cooperation.

In other words, both Rantei$ and GameTime now have game servers that integrate the plugin, and therefore support legacy fake angles.

Sponsored game servers that support legacy fake angles:
  • [EU] Rantei$ MM HvH | Mirage -
  • [NA] GameTime MM HvH | Mirage -

The changelogs can be found under Updates in the CSGO section - requires the CSGO account upgrade, which can be purchased by clicking here.
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