Katrium's One Month Review

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Early adopter
After one month of perfecting my config and my sub almost over, I've decided to review OneTap.

Legitbot: 10/10 - barely use, but has everything I need. There's nothing that really makes it obvious that you're cheating (which is good).

Ragebot: 9/10 - resolver and everything is fine, but has some occasional minor hiccups. It can tap any cheat, but mostly comes down to config and playstyle. Overall really solid ragebot.

Anti Aim: 9/10 - static desync in the recent update is amazing. The anti-aims are very customizable and consistently performs, but would like to see a better freestanding.

Players: 10/10 - nice visuals without a noticeable impact on PC performance.

Visuals: 10/10 - very customizable and clean

Misc: 8/10 - has some cool features like accurate walk and fast crouch that are fun to mess around with in Matchmaking. I would like to be able to customize the ping on the extended backtracking feature, but not a big deal that I can't. However, I would love to see lua scripts that can extend the performance of a cheat like with what Aimware has.

Menu: 9/10 - really simple and reminds me of Supremacy (in a good way).

Overall: 9/10 - really well-rounded software that can dominate servers with ease. I've enjoyed using OneTap.
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