In Depth Review Of Onetap V3 After 3 Months Of Use.

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The Onetap legitbot is basic compared to what some other cheats have to offer however it can be quite powerful when put in the hands of the right person.


The aimbot has most the features you need in a legit cheat such as Hitbox selection and priorities, FOV and Deadzone Sliders as well as Custom Smoothing Sliders.


Silent Aimbot is also included for semiraging.


Onetap has better RCS than you see in most cheats due to it having more customisation and per weapon configs allowing you to have the perfect RCS for each weapon.


Onetap also has per weapon backtracking options including distance and time settings allowing you to make your backtracking look as legit as possible while still giving you that edge in a gunfight.

Other features that Onetap includes are Legit Antiaim, Fake Lag and Trigger Bot, they work properly and as intended however these features are very self explanatory and don't need to be covered in this review.

Conclusion Of The LegitBot.

Onetap can be a strong legit hack with the right configuration and understanding of the features, although the aimbot is lacking features such as First Shot Delay and Randomisation it can be very usefull when paired with RCS and backtracking, i consider onetap to be worth the €20 price tag if you want a solid legit cheat.

Overall Conclusion 7/10


This is the main focus of the cheat and it excels beyond almost every other HVH cheat making it very strong in HVH servers.


One of the main things i noticed in the ragebot was the high amount of options for exploits that are all useful in their own way, most of these options i haven't even seen in any other cheat making these features unique to onetap.

Another good thing about the hack is the resolver and it usually makes the right corrections making it very powerful with a good scout configuration, one of the best things about the resolver is that it visually resolves the enemy meaning it shows you exactly where the cheat is going to shoot making peeking a lot easier.

The antiaim on the cheat is pretty decent with the default settings and makes cheats miss you a couple times before hitting you occasionally however with the combined power of JavaScript you can make the anti aim much stronger and make your head very difficult to resolve.


The fake lag is the best fake lag iv'e used in any cheat and has never caused a single issue for me while using 14 tick and remains very consistent, there are also plenty of triggers you can use to make your fake lag much harder to predict as well as fake lag jitter which constantly changes the fake lag value to make you harder to predict.

Conclusion Of The Ragebot.

Onetap is 100% worth it if your looking for a HVH cheat, its the best public ones and can still easily beat any private cheats other people may be using, overall its worth the money and i have not regretted my purchase once.

Overall 9/10


Onetap goes for clean and simplistic visuals and it does that very well, there is plenty of customisation for you to make the perfect visuals for you and there is also a great scripting community that has made some great scripts to improve on the visuals.

One of the best things about the visuals is the weather changer which allows you to make it rain or snow, its one of the coolest features in the cheat and iv'e not seen a single other p2c do the same thing making it unique to onetap.

I made a showcase video of the visuals so you can see them for yourself and see what i'm talking about.

Visuals Conclusion

Honestly pretty decent visuals for legit hacking and HVH and iv'e not seen anyone who greatly dislikes them making the visuals good in my opinion.

Overall 8/10

Miscellaneous Features

Onetap has a vast amount of miscellaneous features and much more than you will ever need in a CSGO hack, the features are usefull for HVH and legit aswell making everything useful.
I made a quick showcase of the Misc Features so you can see them yourself.

Misc Conclusion

Very Useful and everything you need is included.


Overall Conclusion Of and is it worth it?

In my opinion the cheat has many usefull features and is very powerful in HVH aswell and legit cheating, the cheat receives regular updates, the staff are helpful and know what they are doing, Onetap in my opinion is here to stay and is very much worth its 20 Euro price tag and won't disappoint you.

My Rating Of Onetap 9/10


Call me an idiot but I have one tap downloaded. Configured and loaded and open in game but I can’t minimize the client to save my life.
Just tell me what I’m not doing right so I can be on my way. Thanks for your help.


Call me an idiot but I have one tap downloaded. Configured and loaded and open in game but I can’t minimize the client to save my life.
Just tell me what I’m not doing right so I can be on my way. Thanks for your help.
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