I hope onetap staff will not ignore this suggestion

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onetap used to be very powerful and parsing was great. In 2020, it gives me an unparalleled feeling, rich and powerful JS, almost invincible analysis.But now, if you use Neverloss, use onetap again. The player would say: the analysis of onetap is shit! Yes, this is the inaction of onetap employees. They are not updated and optimized. Every day, there are fewer and fewer remaining users. I hope the staff can optimize onetap parsing and esp as soon as possible. To ensure that the number of onetap is more and more strong.


Yes, I think so too. Once I met onetap users when I was not using onetap, and they were very good. But now, people are saying that onetap is rubbish. And during this period of time, onetap has been cracked. I hope that the staff can update as soon as possible and become as powerful as before, rather than getting weaker and weaker.


I very much agree. I've been a loyal customer on Onetap for awhile now and i decided to take a little break after the crack incident. I am one of those "Fanboys" who refuse to use another cheat because i know Onetap in and out.