HvH server rewards - June & July

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Staff member
As you could see in this thread, we reward top ranked players on Onetap HvH servers across 3 regions.

Below you will find results:

  1. Asia
    1. STEAM_1:0:531874298
    2. STEAM_1:0:505782055
    3. STEAM_1:0:618402591
  2. Europe
    1. STEAM_1:1:502604235
    2. STEAM_1:1:115959040
    3. STEAM_1:0:242629073
  3. North America
    1. STEAM_1:0:509111990
    2. STEAM_1:0:615202618
    3. STEAM_1:1:572874807
  1. Asia
    1. STEAM_1:0:628678188
    2. STEAM_1:0:505782055
    3. STEAM_1:1:102488234
  2. Europe
    1. STEAM_1:1:502604235
    2. STEAM_1:1:668546922
    3. STEAM_1:1:650252086
  3. North America
    1. STEAM_1:1:53814902
    2. STEAM_1:0:87665185
    3. STEAM_1:1:494543026
Winners are able to choose whether they want the reward activated on their own account, or gift it to a friend.

I have added all of steam accounts listed above and will contact every winner during the next 24-48hours to hand out the rewards. If you have me on friend list, please do message me.

WARNING: Beware of impersonators, my steam is -> https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199059428546/

Next wave of winners will be announced 1 month from now, between 1st-3rd August, 2022.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask in this thread.
We wish best of luck to those who want to compete for the next month, may the one with the best config & playstyle win!