HVH Review of onetap

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I have been using this cheat for over a week and have come to the conclusion that if you are hvhing it is a really good cheat and would recommend it as one of the best public cheats right now.
Aimbot 8/10
The aimbot is basically what every other good hvh cheat has, there is nothing new and crazy for me to give it a 10/10. Do not get me wrong it performs really well and is one of the good things about this cheat. I just feel as though more customization with multi point for different hit boxes would be helpful.

Anti-Aims(anti-hit) 8/10
I think the anti aims on this cheat are really good its just I have a little gripe with the freestanding updating on the position of where the player is making it easier for your head to be backtracked. The anti aims could be alot better themselves but my head gets raped when using desync aas, I have tried almost every setting for this aa and no matter what I am unsuccessful. I have known how to configs the cheats I use for over a year and this is not the problem with this. The fake lag is also pretty annoying with this cheat and I didnt want to make a different section for it and thought I would mention it here.

Resolver 8/10
Overall the resolver works pretty well, The only issues I have with it is missing moving players while scouting, missing head on running players that are peeking and shooting their fake.

Overall 8/10
Overalll This is a really good cheat I just think it is lacking something new. I feel like more added customization for this cheat would make it alot better. I would like to see different types of knifebots added for example backstab only, frontstab, leftclick, rightclick, auto(current setting). I think some original features added to this cheat would make it alot better.



These were some screenshots I got yesterday, I dropped alot more but didnt screenshot it.