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Honest review of Onetap after 10 months of use.


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Ragebot: 9/10. I would give this a 9/10 simply because it's one of the best on the market, but could still need improvements, but overall an amazing ragebot. The resovler is almost pp100 but could obviously need some improvements against jitter.

AA: 9.7/10 The aa is currently so strong against other cheat users, and can stand a chance against invite only cheats. To you guys who cry about the aa go buy another cheat and play against onetap, seriously, you'll get owned.

ESP: 10/10 Best at the market atm.

MISC: 8/10 Standard misc features which are useful to use and got everything you need.

Legit: 6.5/10 Not the biggest fan of the legitbot tbh, could need improvements with the aimbot.

Overall: I would add a lua feature to the cheat to make the users enhance the cheat even more. The cheat itself is in my opinion #1 Public cheat. If you would get banned from this cheat and you got no other invite only cheat what is good you're fucked lol.
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