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Hello. I'm ReptilianArcherX but better known as $$$palaceplayer$$$, still a nonamer though. I've been HvH-ing since 2017 so let's get started.

Ragebot: 9/10
The Ragebot is better than it's ever been before. I can't get negative scores with this cheat due to it's amazing quality and easy-to-config menu. Polak's cheat (i hope i'm allowed to say that) can't compare with this honestly. The DT is very consistent and, even without JavaScripts, is better than some private cheats that I can't name. Though sometimes it misses a lot but I don't get it often enough to care.

Legitbot: 6/10
The legitbot really sucks. A paste is better than OT (in the legit part ofc). In my opinion, it should just get removed. But, if you are too lazy to make a paste, it can work. Because OT isn't a legit-focused cheat, this will not impact the overall rating.

Visuals: 10/10
Godlike. Minimalistic, relaxing even and very easy to make to satisfy your tastes. With the aid of .js, they are p e r f e c t.

Misc: 10/10
Everything you need. Strafing modes, strafe assistance, a fast Bhop. It's great.

JavaScript: 10000/10
Better than other programming languages. Customizable too. I love it really!

Overall rating: 10/10
Buy it, it's worth the money.
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