honest review after a month of onetap

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Forum 10/10 - simple to navigate and straightforward.

Staff 10/10 - actually care about their users, very nice and understanding people, quick at answering tickets and are willing to resolve any of your problems.

Legit 8/10 - I have used many legit cheats and believe this cheat can be good if configured right, if you're walking into buying onetap for legit know how to config.

Rage 10/10 - HvH is the only reason i renew my sub to this cheat, trust me it does great and can go up against many cheats just fine if you know how to HvH.

Anti Aim 9/10 - i have gotten many good cheats to dump my AA, and if you know how to config you will have a great experience in HvH.

Visuals 10/10 - the visuals look great and are fully customisable to the users liking. The visuals are simplistic and don't cause fps problems too.

Skin Changer 7/10 - its a skin changer what works, what more could you ask for? If they were going to add to the skin changer though i would recommend adding more customisation like stickers, etc. However that's just personal choice.

Menu 10/10 - simple, user friendly and is customisable, what more could you ask for?

Community 7/10 - there are some good people here who you will get along with easily however of course some people are toxic, you should be expecting that when purchasing a hvh cheat.

I could say more but to sum it up its a great cheat and worth the price its worth. If you're looking for a public p2c, onetap would be your best option for HvH and legit.