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Resolver: I will say the resolver is like 7/10 because it can dump sometimes here and there but I never dumped like hole magazine
Anti Aim: 9/10 REALLY good AA it makes cheats like aimware miss a lot
Visuals: 10/10 Best visuals EVER! compare this to aimware aimware visuals looks like paint lol
Exploits: 10/10 This cheat has the best exploits u seen
Misc: 7/10 It has the basics but it would be better if there would be any other features in feature !

Should u buy it?: Sureeee this cheat is like 100% better than aimware or gamesense u can tap them like a bot sometime u will miss only features are good everything about this cheat is awesome get's uptade a lot now they are not making uptades but after week or 2 they should be resolver improvements like they always do! llama hottest girl makes good uptades unlike dog coder of aiwmare this cheat will be on unbeatable level !


1. its extremely obvious you didn't honestly review the ragebot, didn't use it often enough to form a solid opinion on it, or are lying.
2. grammar