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Rage: 3/10.
1、Its terrible to separate"Target" "Accuracy""overrides",they should be in a same sub module,i need js to put them in "Target" .
2、for every weapons,if choose "head"in hitbox,it love shooting head in most time eventhough "prefer body "is on.
3、i have no complaint about "prefer body" love shooting head ,but,compare with neverlose or aimware or sk ,OT's head multipoint and head pointscale r shit.If OT loves shooting head ,improve head multipoints and head pointscale plz or lower the headbox hit rate when "prefer body"is on.
4、Need js to set safe point hitbox selecting ,and its useless.,i doubt safe points of OT r broken.

Anti-aim:?(depents on how good is aa js)/10.
Need good js to custom aa for avoiding headshot.Compare with nl aa without any lua , ot aa is shit without aa js.

Land is useless for 2000 years.

Visuals: 2/10.
1、Always lose enemy's esp suddenly ,dormant esp is shit as well.
2、enemy's weapon inventory: this kind of long yellow fonts looks like they put many small shit under foots.
Summarize:Need magnifier and microscope to see the small inventory shit and flags shit clearly.

1、I wonder which genius design it so short and small.4 EX:"Configs"module and "Scripts" module is short ,but "JS Keybinds"is long .Funny.Spend 2000 years to search the cfg or js which v want.
2、When i search for cfg or js, if mouse stay on cloudy cfg or js,it remind me the "Owner;created;updated" automatically.is that necessary? It obstruct my view from searching what i want


  1. prefer body shoots body on the same height.
  2. anti aim is fine fym
  3. ragebot hitting p shooting head when u know how to configure a cheat (couldnt be u)
  4. ui is clean but ur right about the searching for scripts.
  5. fakelag is good and ot has good exploits.