first review even though i used v1 v2 v3 and now v4

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Legit bot: It works really well backtrack with extend backtrack go brazy you really cant miss unless your aim is dog shit. 10/10 does what a legit bot normally does
Rage bot: The ragebot is really good. One of the best. Update made new dt go brazyyy . Thing go brr brr brrr. I do miss sometimes with scout and barely with auto.( i think witht he auto its a multipoint issue but im lazy so im not really tryna test every single thing). they should add hide shots in mm. Overall 8.5-9/10
MIsc: its solid has a lot of things that a p2c should have,
Antiaim: its pretty fucking good it has gotten better verison after verison, Rn its the same as v3 but its still fucking good. Making people miss is not hard with v4
Visual: they the same from v3 and they really good. Wished they added glow chams not the circuit ones they calling glow.
Menu: its better than the old one. Nice texture and makes more sense. People who complain are just lazy mfs.
Overall 9.2/10 glad to see this cheat become one of the best. GG