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Rage 8/10
I unfortunately didnt get to use onetap before the recent "controversial" rage update, so I cant give any before-after comparisons. I can however say that once you get used to it and learn to config it properly the rage bot is very reliable. The only thing I feel could use some actual improvement is the auto stop feature.

Anti-Aim 9.5/10
Not much to say here honestly. It works exactly the way you would expect any good cheat's anti-aim to work, offering great customizability. I have to take half a point off though because I believe that the built in freestanding doesnt function properly.

Visuals 10/10
The visuals, in my opinion, are flawless. They look incredible and can easily be customized to suit your preference. Setting up the visuals is easily my favourite part about configuring this cheat.

Miscellaneous 10/10
To my knowledge, all the features in the misc tab work perfectly (maybe aside from the disable blood option) and there is not really anything that I feel is missing, so its an easy 10/10.

I feel like you cant really rate a cheat's javascripts or luas, so instead I will briefly go over my thoughts about them. Javascripts on onetap are definitely helpful and can provide a very considerable advantage to someoneone who knows how to use them properly, but that is as far as they go. There is no script that will make your anti-aim unhittable, or allow you to peek multiple people and kill them before they can even fire a bullet. And while it may sound retarded now that I say it like this, there are actually quite lot of people that fail to understand that. But anyway, as far as quantity is concerned there is definitely an abundance of scripts on the forum. Whatever script you may need you can just search for it and you will most likely find more than one to choose from. Now on the topic of quality, I wouldnt say that some of the available scripts are useless because I understand that regardless of the scale of a project, there was effort that was put into it. Therefore I would simply classify some scripts as more useful than others. There are even some scripts, such as realapril's freestanding and edeen's min dmg override or visible and autowall min dmg, that I would consider essential in order to maximize your performance with this cheat.

All in all, onetap is a great cheat right now, and as far as Im concerned it has only improved since I first used it. There is a lot of negativity on the forum regarding the recent updates, but in my opinion it is all invalid. There are countless people blaming the cheat's resolver for their spread misses, because its easier to jump on the bandwagon and and blindly hate on something that is unknown to them, rather than try to understand it and improve themselves as a player.
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