First 2 days back with onetap.

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This is a honest feedback, no one cry about it please.

RageBot - 8.5/10 Hits really good but sometime misses but not all the time very good.

LegitBot - I have not yet played legit but i will base it off when i use to play legit with it. I would give it about 7/10, when i last played with it.

AntiAim - i would have to give this about 7.5/10, i just get tapped all the time i have tried many cfg's and different settings but cant seem to find the right ones.

Visuals - 10/10 The visuals are some of the best i have seen.

Over all score for the cheat would have to be 9/10 really like it but there could be some things which could make it better. Hope you enjoyed this review. And is worth buying 100%