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yes hello welcome to my review

ragebot - 8/10 performs good but sometimes bipolar usually when peeking a football team but thats for every cheat it has its down moments.

double tap (I see everyone rating it so why not) - 7/10 it isn't the best "1 tick dt" sometimes it is 1 tick sometimes it isnt I don't really know

legitbot - 9/10 didn't really use it so cant say much

visuals - 10/10 simple, good looking thats what you are looking for.

misc - 10/10 has almost everything you want and don't want

anti aim - 7/10 desync gets reduced when using dt and i just die when crouching by a scout with scripts its good.
scripting api - 10/10 not a big "dev" in js but i have done some stuff and it is easy to use

thanks for reading my epic review have a good day
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